Bilingual Program

Bilingual Spanish Immersion Program

In this program we begin to introduce our Bilingual Spanish Immersion Program. A foreign language is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Young children are natural language learners. While adults may struggle with language acquisition, children have the innate ability to learn several languages seamlessly and simultaneously. Not only can children process a new language effortlessly, they also inherently acquire native pronunciation.

Studies have shown there are many additional benefits to the exposure of a second language in early childhood beyond the acquisition of the language itself. Bilingual children have demonstrated increased problem solving abilities, better working memory and improved capacity for abstract thinking, among other benefits. Having the opportunity to experience a foreign language environment also expands children’s multi-cultural awareness, stimulates their curiosity about other parts of the world and fosters an appreciation for understanding multiple points of view.

We begin to incorporate the Bilingual Spanish Immersion Program once the students become two years old. Each student will learn common Spanish vocabulary such as numbers, colors, family names, foods, parts of the body, items in nature and will also learn about the Spanish culture.

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Early exposure to a second language enhances cognitive abilities, such as self-regulation skills. 

A growing number of parents are turning to language immersion programs for their toddlers and preschoolers. Some are looking to preserve family heritage; others for academic advantage. Call and find out more!