Infant Program

Little Explorers 6 Weeks - 18 Months

Our Early Explorers program, is designed for infants from 6 weeks to 18 months of age. This program is designed to help develop core cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills. It's more than just daycare - children go through a structured program of play, exploration, circle time and supervised creative play. 

Our Early Explorers program is designed to create a warm, loving and secure environment for your child. Providing a peaceful sleeping space as well as one on one play. We emphasize on the importance of a nurturing, healthy bond and individual attention an infant needs.

Routine caregiving tasks such as feeding, diaper changing and toilet training provide opportunities for affectionate one-to-one contact with each child. In addition, infants need an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in order to thrive.

Babies love to hear language and respond by cooing, babbling and making sounds that gradually resemble adult speech. Throughout the first two years, children are attaching meaning to words and understanding a lot more than they can say. The more attention we pay to children's speech, the more we can understand, repeat and use words from their own language. We can also give them new words to expand their language, thus building a richer, more expressive vocabulary in later years.

What differentiates Sunnyside Preschool from Others?

We Care!

Caring for your little ones in a safe and educational environment is our number one goal at SunnySide. We strive to offer our students a quality education where they are free to make their own choices and experience childhood to the fullest. 


We encourage growth in more ways than one! In addition to the early childhood education curriculum, we also encourage physical and social growth in the classroom. Whether your child is inside painting with friends or outside learning about the environment, each interaction naturally transitions into a learning experience for everyone, including the staff! 


From reading, math, and science to self-control, self-esteem, and social skills, you can rest assured knowing your child is in the best hands. Best of all, having a local preschool that can offer academic programs such as these brings peace of mind when searching for a local preschool and daycare in San Marcos!