Toddler Program

Turbo Toddlers 1.5 years - 2.5 years

In our Turbo Toddler Program, we help encourage each toddlers mind with interactive learning, songs, poems, creative play and circle time. Toddlers in this program are introduced to the basic concepts of phonics, numbers, shapes, colors, reading, speech development, math and much more. 

Our Turbo Toddlers experience daily developmental stimulation activities using various approved lesson plans. In addition to developmental activities, the classroom is arranged to offer experiences in dramatic play, block building, science, music, reading, gross motor and language development.

This program is specifically designed to build a strong foundation for your child. This is our first step towards the preschool program and prepares students accordingly. In this class, teachers encourage language development by talking to the students frequently and helping them to understand and express how they are feeling. 

In this program we begin to introduce our bilingual spanish classes. Children will learn common Spanish vocabulary such as numbers, colors, family names, foods, parts of the body, items in nature, and will also learn about the Spanish culture.

We emphasize your child’s development, rather than specific age, because all children grow and learn at their own pace, and in their own unique way. Learning experiences are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child, in each classroom.